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Julien, 25, law student. "My parents decided to become a 'host famility' for Animado two years ago. I was looking for a summer job. When Animado offered to hire me as a pet caretaker, I accepted right away because I just love animals and they seem to love me too. I know a lot about them. During vacation, I took dogs on walks and took care of several cats. Each animal has its own personality but I got attached to all of them. Every time I came over for a visit, they seemed thrilled to see me! Everything went fine. I'm looking forward to being a pet caretaker next summer too! "

M. Vincent, Paris.

The Animado Spirit

Our pet caretakers meet the highest standards and are always ready to go the extra mile: they'll air out your apartment, water your plants, bring in your mail. Our caretakers fill out a form each time they visit so that when the master comes back, a visitor's report is right there waiting.

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