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"I lost my dog three years ago. At my age, I just didn't feel like I could get another one. But I sure missed being in the company of man's best friend. I was thinking that dogsitting once in awhile would be a great idea, and then I heard about Animado. I called them up and Pascal Richard came over to see me. Very soon afterwards, I became a dog carer. Now it's been two years and I regularly care for dogs through Animado. Plus, I've had several come back for more than one stay. The dogs seem to find their bearings when they come back to my place. I'm delighted with our cooperation. It makes me feel useful, and I don't feel so alone. Animado also pays me a daily fee and reimburses the dog food."
Mr. Delaunay, Vincennes

The Animado Spirit
The host family that takes care of your pet is selected based on what you feel is best: children or no children, apartment, private home with yard, your pet on his or her own or with other animals around.
Our host families must live up to stringent criteria when it come to the selection process. After an initial interview, we visit their homes. We must be convinced that these caretakers are motivated and truly love animals.


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