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A cab just for him !

You don't drive...
Y ou don't own any vehicle...
Your car is being repaired...
You hate to waste your time in traffic...
You can't get any cab that will allow you to take your pet with you...

Don't worry anymore !
Animado will take care of you by driving you and your pet with you .

Pet owner
" I find the service very practical.I meet my husband in Strasbourg twice a month.In order to avoid any exhausting trips for Jimmy, our lab, I entrust him to the good care of Animado. My train leaves friday at 8 P.M. I leave my work at 6 P.M thus, I have only enough time for a brief stop at my home. They are always prompt in picking up Jimmy. I can go to the station without any stress ! " (Mme Caillaud, Paris 15e)

Pet owner at the Vet or Pet Groomer
" My job takes me a lot of time, when chopin has to get his vaccinations or to get his hair done.Once a month, I ask to Animado to pick him up at his house. I specifically appreciate their availability. Regardless of the time or place of the appointement,he is brought safely back home, This policy is priceless !" (Mme Debigneres, Paris 7e)

At Rail Station or Airport
. Mr Clayton arrived by plane from Buenos Aires with his two Jack Russell Terriers. Before staying a few days in France.he had to go to his office in London. He asked us to pick up his Terriers at the airport and to drive them to their host family the time of his stay in E ngland .

. Mme Angers had to leave for a mission in Hong Kong as soon as possible. She asked us to provide the officials documents(health and administration) in order to get Cavalier King Charles to join her. We kept him only enough time to resolve document matters, shortly he was on the plane to meet his master !

. A travel agency requested that we picked up at the Roissy Airport, on three different dates, eighteen cats arriving from New York. Each arrival had to be checked at customs before allowing the cats to go home .

All trip in France
When traveling in France, and if you can't provide the airfare of your animal to any destination in the country, don't hesitate to contact us.

For the comfort of your companion our vehicle is air conditioned .

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